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Hi, I'm Sarah. do you desire more in your life?

Do you know it's possible to have more than what is available to you currently, if only you  could move past what is limiting you.

What if your thoughts, your beliefs, your points of view and your judgements are what creates most of what you experience  in life?     If you could let the negative ones go you could allow something far greater in.  If you desire it, it is possible to change what has got stuck in your body creating pain, disease, stress, unhappy body, poor relationships, lack of money,  limiting careers and so much more. 

I use the dynamic energy release processes and tools of Access Consciousness  including Access Bars London to facilitate change.  I am also a nutrition therapist and for clients who desire it, I  combine the two practices to clear all the judgements we project on ourselves which prevents us from having the body we desire.

I am constantly amazed at what comes up during a session when clients leave their mind out of the equation and let their awareness in.    Most of us have closed off our ability to know what it is that is causing our dis-ease, pain, unhappiness and locked out our possibilities of changing it.  When we come out of thinking and trying to work things out into our awareness things are able to shift.     

What do I know?

I am just a few steps further along than you......I have experienced pain and limitations....I have lived through fear & doubt.....I have wondered what is the purpose of all this.......and decided to change it.

Actually I have 35 years of searching for tools or techniques that would make me feel normal, fit in, feel happy and at ease  - with my body and with who I am in the world.    I have explored and practiced many modalities but it wasn't until I came across Access Consciousness including Access Bars London in 2013 and started to play with the tools, processes  and clearings that things started to change for me.   A bulimic with body dysmorphia and obsessive exercise patterns since a teenager, a perfectionist in all I do buried deep in work obligations (in the corporate world  until 2017) and a single mum before my child was a year old.   I have felt trapped and hemmed in by life.   

My health, my self esteem, my fitness, my relationships and my willingness to choose what works for me instead of the obligations of society, employer, family, success have all changed since using the dynamic tools of AC......and that has freed me; positively affecting everyone around me too.

I offer 1:2:1 sessions in various forms (see below and on the 'Sessions' menu), I  am an Access Bars Facilitator and teach Access Bars classes and coach in wellness, nutrition and resilience.     I am based in Sanderstead, South Croydon and in London City (see 'Make Contact' below for days/times).

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What services are available to facilitate change?

Access Bars®


Access Body Processes


Symphony sessions


Access Energetic Facelift™


Abuse Hold


Nutrition Coaching/ mBody program


Lifestyle/Resilience Coaching





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Pelangi Possiblities

Call/text 07756 493963 to check availability or make an appointment for all sessions/locations.

Operating from:

The Light Centre Monument (close to The City & London Bridge) on Tuesdays 2.30pm - 8.30pm

Otherwise from Sanderstead, South Croydon on Mondays, Wednesday & Thursdays - weekend appointments also possible.

Sanderstead is 20 minutes south of Victoria/London Bridge on the South Coast train lines (through East Croydon


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