Nutrition Coaching


The Flourishing Body Formula Workshop

Do you..

- wish to create a different relationship with your body?

- require a better understanding of how your food choices affect your health (mind, gut, joints, skin)?

- suspect that your nutrition could be contributing to your mood/medical conditions/ pain/limitation/energy? 

- currently lack motivation in achieving your goals (but know you need to make a change)?

This workshop is run in 2 separate parts; see content below:


The Flourishing Body Formula Workshop - Part 1

Part 1 of this workshop...

- provides an understanding of how the body functions and what it needs to receive to function properly;

I teach how cells function, the role of the gut (microbiome), blood sugar balance, metabolism, hydration and the benefits of fasting.

- supports you by providing a different perspective about  the kinds of foods the body needs to thrive.  We look at nutrients from a Macro & Micro perspective, what to minimise and what to maximise and in what quantities.

- we use tools/techniques to change your beliefs about yourself and reframe how you would like to feel/look/function vs your health today.  I introduce you to a technique where you can start to speak to your body and receive different answers to the old conditioning of your mind


- Wed, 25th March 9.30-3pm

- Sun, 5th April 10-4pm

- Sat, 18th April 10-4pm

Investment:   £95 

To book contact or 07756493963


The Flourishing Body Formula Workshop - Day 2

Part 2 of this workshop...

- identifies the toxins which can be present in our day to day life (Chemicals, Hormones, Environmentals, Metals and Substances), how they can affect our body, what we can do to eliminate the effect of them and how to detox

- also looks at the other supporting areas of your life and provides insights into how to better manage Stress, Sleep, Movement/Exercise, Activities, Relationships, Thoughts

- we conclude with techniques to enhance our appreciation of our lives, families, jobs which  help to build resilience and a feeling of purpose and joyfulness


- late April onwards - enquire if interested

Investment:  £95


1:2:1 Coaching

(in person or via Skype)

Initial 75 minute session - £90

Weekly/subsequent follow up - 30 minutes - £45

Typically before a session I will send you a food record to complete for 3+ days before your first session.   During your session we will assess your targets and agree the level of coaching required.  Within 48 hours I will provide a written program with recommendations covering foods to eat/avoid, menus (if desired)  hydration,  sleep, movement/exercise,  supplementation, relaxation and being connected (relationships, hobbies, friends).   




Mobile: 07756 493963

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