Access Body Processes

What is an Access Body Process?


Access Body Processes, combined with verbal processing, allow the body to be facilitated back into its original functioning (assisting with repairing and longevity).  

These processes allow a communion with your body and an unlocking of  the stored memories and emotions which create disease and disruption.

There are over 55 body processes which have invited people to step out of judgment of themselves and their bodies, lessened pain, changed body size, changed their lives and laughed more.

What happens in a Body Process session?


You lie on a massage table (fully clothed!) and I use a hands-on technique to invite energies to run within your body to return it to it's natural functioning (before you, and everyone else,  impelled all of those points of view and judgements on it!).

Verbal processing helps to clear the limitations locked in.


60 minute Access Body Process session - £80

90 minute Access Body Process session - £120

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