I thought I knew about nutrition but I learned so much from taking part in the nutrition course with Sarah. She presented the fundamental principles very clearly so that I could rapidly work out how I would integrate them into my eating patterns at home. By providing detail on how the body functions and metabolises different foods, it helped make so much more sense of the principles and convinced me to make changes in my diet to focus on optimising health. We got a lot out of being encouraged to ask questions and contribute, too - with some fun exercises at the end!  I highly recommend this course if you want to rethink your eating patterns and start a new relationship with healthy food. I have already cut down on coffee and brought more fresh greens and juices into my diet.

I had the pleasure of attending Sarah’s Flourishing Body pilot Workshop, which was a thoroughly enjoyable, interesting & informative day 

  I personally learned many things I hadn’t realised about nutritional processes & through Sarah’s extensive knowledge, another layer of depth of understanding was facilitated.  The mind body energetic processes introduced in the afternoon where illuminating & surprising in their effectiveness. Food for thought in many ways!  I look forward to receiving Sarah’s new book to help with my ongoing nutritional learning & practice.

I can recommend Sarah’s program to anyone wanting to help themselves to Flourish their life, health & well-being!  (Vicky, Feb-20)

I recently spent a day with Sarah and some other lovely ladies when she presented the Flourishing Body Formula Workshop.

The content was extremely interesting, going much deeper into the constitutes of specific foods and benefits to the body than I have previously known. Following on from this Sarah explained what the body’s nutritional requirements are on a daily bases. 

I have always been interested in nutrition and how it affects the body but this took it to another level which was easy to understand and adapt to your own life style.

Sarah has also developed a cook book with recipes that include daily nutritional requirements so anyone can improve their nutritional intake and hence their overall health.     It is all presented in a very informal manner where everyone can join in and add their thoughts and life experiences.

I would thoroughly recommend Sarah and huge amount of knowledge she has. (Julia, Feb-20)

After an Access Bars session with Sarah, I feel a lot lighter, free and at peace. The best thing about Sarah is her ability to reframe how you view things. I come away with a different perspective: a more optimistic and fun approach to life. Sarah has also gone above and beyond in providing tools and materials that I can use independently outside of sessions, to help myself. I struggle with anxiety/depression at times and Sarah has helped flip my point of view radically so that I suffer less. I would recommend Sarah wholeheartedly to anyone. A session with Sarah will at the very least leave you feeling a lot more relaxed and good about yourself. And we could all do with that!     James, London (Feb-19)

I start my journey with Sara 2months ago and everything from after the application of Bars just changed my life I’m more relaxed more present in my day routine more confident she’s been helping so much I cannot describe how I’m so grateful best therapist ever all my love and thank you so much Zizi, London (Jan-20)

I had 2 sessions of Access Bars with Sarah. Since the first one so many things have been changed. It helped me to release so many negative feelings  and thoughts that i have been stuck with so many years  unconsciously and to be open and ready for beautiful possibilities. Sarah is a wonderful person I really appreciate to meeting her. 

I recommend you to have AB session with her.   Fatima, Qatar (Sept-19) 

After my first session I woke with real clarity; I feel more lightness in my life, I’ve felt really present for months, I’m receiving compliments on how well I look and I feel joyful and life feels so easy. My relationships with family members are getting easier and easier, This year has been AMAZING, I’m really clear on what I’m doing which has alluded me for the last 12 years. I’ve started my own business, had no illnesses or colds, feel fully energised for the whole day, I’m not in my head so much other than to do clearings, I met a great guy who adores me and is interesting and loves life.   

It’s pretty crazy how much has changed in 6 months and how good I feel every day. I can’t recommend Sarah enough. We’ve changed my life and I look forward to seeing what else is possible with the next session.   Kimberley  London (Apr-19)

Sarah has been a complete inspiration to me.  When I met her I was at a very low point, my husband had died a few months earlier, I am living alone with MS having lost my confidence driving 10+ years ago.   After three sessions I feel much more optimistic, much lighter and confident enough to take a driving assessment with the intention to drive again.  I passed that assessment and am planning on buying a car in the New Year, I have also started looking at holiday options and am now very confident about my solo future.  I didn’t believe it was possible to feel so good in such a short timeframe.  Marilyn (Dec-19)

"I can thoroughly recommend a Symphony session with Sarah.  From the moment our (distance session) was scheduled to begin I started feeling tingles throughout my whole body.  I became aware of how much in my life I'd tried to 'put behind me' - all the stuff  I was made wrong for, including my capacities and abilities for creating something greater.  Since this session with Sarah this has all been unlocking and I'm feeling so much more confident and able to step out of my comfort zone with excitement rather than what I'd perceived to be fear.  Thanks you so very much Sarah...you are such a gift".     Alun Jones, London (Nov-18) 

I did my third AB class with Sarah and had the great time with lots of insights and clearing.  Sarah is an awesome Access Bars Facilitator.    Her teaching is very clear, she is funny, quirky and very open.  There were all ages in the class (from 13) and she  included everyone in the class with ease.   Gorgeous organic lunch too - how does it get any better than that?  Jordan, London (Mar-19)

Omg ! Wow. That symphony session was amazing. So much more space and ease and a very different energy.   Wwit for you to run more SOP and money flow sessions ?   Richard, London Feb-19

I would highly recommend an Access Bars session with Sarah.        I have been involved with energy work for over 20 years and this (one) session was amongst the best I have experienced.   Teresa, London (Sept-18)

"I am not sure I really understand what is happening, however, Sarah takes me to a place of such lightness and ease that I would like to bathe in it permanently.   Having my BARS run a couple of times a month has enabled me to see where I have been limiting myself and others and I have, as a consequence,  changed my financial reality, my relationships and my emotional/mental situation.      I am very grateful for Sarah's caring yet playful capacities".           Simon Ball, Surrey

"Over the past year I have been receiving Access Bars, Access Body processes (including the energetic facelift) and nutritional coaching from Sarah.  One year on I have so much more energy, have lost 10kg in weight but also got rid of a lot of unwanted baggage in my life (let go of responsibilities that were not making me happy, I can say no to things I don’t want to do (instead of feeling obligated), I choose fun activities and to be around fun people.  I am attracting new friends and widening my horizons on many levels.  Where I have had pain, that has eased or disappeared.    I am so grateful, so much more confident and life is wonderful".  Jean, Surrey (Mar-19)

"I have been doing energetic bodyworks with Sarah for about 2 years now. In person as well as long distance between our countries.  I will highly recommend her for her great insight and wonderful healing capacities. She truly gifts you the opportunities to release what you need, and get new possibillities in the most kind and caring way". 

Marianne Jaworski, Denmark



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